Learn Spanish in Barcelona!

Would you like to learn Spanish at a Spanish language school located in the very centre of Barcelona, on a high quality efficient Spanish course, with fully qualified native teachers? Would you like your accommodation to be right in the centre of Barcelona, in the same location as the school? Would you also like to enjoy cultural activities with Spanish teachers every day, including the weekends? If so, then Camino Barcelona Spanish language school is the perfect choice for you!

We believe that you learn Spanish the fastest if the classes are fun and the method is efficient! That is why we developed the immersion Spanish course and the teachers training program to deliver the best quality of Spanish learning in the world!

Join us to Learn and Enjoy Every Moment of the Journey!

We treat every one of the students at our school as an individual, carefully assessing their level of Spanish before they start their course, as well as continuously checking afterwards, to see if they are happy on their course and in their accommodation.