On-site Superior apartments

If you would like to stay in a high standard self-catering apartment, sharing the apartment with other international students from our school, you should choose to stay in one of our On-site Superior Apartments. There are 11 student apartments, all in the same building as our school, ideally located in the centre of Barcelona, just 10 minutes' walk from Plaça de Catalunya. This accommodation is ideal for students who do not want to travel to the school every day for their Spanish lessons and for those who like to be guaranteed accommodation in the centre of Barcelona.

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<b>Shared budget room</b>
<b>Shared budget room</b>
<b>Shared budget room</b>
<b>Shared budget room</b>
<b>Shared budget room</b>
<b>Kitchen in the apartment</b>
<b>Apartment terrace</b>
<b>School terrace</b>


This apartment is ideal if you are looking for affordable accommodation in the center of Barcelona and want to experience a real student experience by sharing a room with other international students from our school.

The apartment has 2 air-conditioned bedrooms (one room for female students, the other for male students), a kitchen, 2 toilets and 2 showers. Each room has two bunk beds, two desks, a wardrobe and a locker for each student. The apartments have a small kitchen where you can find a fridge, microwave, kettle, coffee machine and oven (please pay attention that there is no stove), and from each room there is access to a huge terrace where you can spend sunny evenings after class.

There will be up to 4 people of the same sex in the room with you.

Shared Budget Room in our Campus
Shared Budget Room in our Campus

Accommodation options with and without meals

Meals are not included in this accommodation option. Students can cook for themselves, as each apartment has a fully fitted modern kitchen. These self-catering apartments are ideal for students who wish to cook for themselves, sharing accommodation with other international students, right in the centre of Barcelona, in the same building as our school. If you would like to live in a high standard student accommodation, in the same building as our school but with meals provided, you should choose our On-site Superior Residence.

Superior Student Accommodation with Food Provided

Sunny roof terrace

The On-Site Superior Residence has sun terraces on the roof of the building, where students can spend lots of time relaxing and making friends. These sun terraces are very popular with students to use in their leisure time, on sunny afternoons after class, and at the weekend. Moreover, some of our most popular activities, such as paella party or dance parties take place on the school terrace.

Spanish paella activity on the rooftop terrace of our student accommodation

Arrival and departure

Students should move in on the Sunday before their course starts, departing on the Saturday after the course finishes. However, you can sometimes arrive a day earlier, or leave a day later. You will naturally be charged for any extra nights.
Please watch our video instructions of arrival and departure from and to the Airport of Barcelona Terminal 1.

Contact us for more details about the accommodation in Barcelona and get the price

It is very important to us that you are placed in accommodation in which you will be happy. So, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!