Weekly Activity Program

29 May 2023 - 4 June 2023
Monday (29-05-2023)
With: Laura

Montjuïc Castle, standing atop Mount Montjuïc, is an old military fortress. It rises 173 meters above the port and offers a stunning 360-degree view of the city below, which made it an ideal place for a bastion of defense. As you enter the Montjuïc fortress, you will see the lush gardens surrounding it. It's a pleasant place to walk around and you'll also get a view of Barcelona. Join us for a visit to Montjuïc Castle, a very important castle in Spanish history.

Tuesday (30-05-2023)
With: Laura

Join us as we learn more about the modernist architecture and history that encapsulates Barcelona. You will set off from outside the school and head down Eixample until the Passig de Gracia and then continue towards the city centre.

Wednesday (31-05-2023)
With: Laura

Barcelona Criminal Court's Prison for Men, known as the Model, was the most important prison in Catalonia for much of the 20th century, The Parc de L'Espanya Industrial was designed in 1985 by architect Luis Peña Ganchegui and Francesc Rius. Alluding to the Roman baths it offers the park a lot of greenery next to a small artificial lake.

Thursday (01-06-2023)
With: Laura

Today we are going to visit the Picasso Museum, an art museum in Barcelona, whose collections contain more than 3,500 works, mostly from the artist's early work.

Friday (02-06-2023)
With: Laura

The Encants flea market in Barcelona, which traces its history back to one of the oldest street markets in Europe and Spain, dates back to 1300 and has always been lively, full of life and stores! Join us to explore one of the oldest markets in Spain!

Saturday (03-06-2023)
With: Laura

Tarragona is a city in the northeast of Spain in Catalonia. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and a major seaport. It is a city flooded with sunlight that hugs the golden shores of the Costa Dorada. The history of several millennia has frozen on the streets of Tarragona: ancient antique ruins, a medieval Gothic cathedral and ancient cobbled streets.Join us for a visit to the beautiful city of Tarragona!