Bullrings and Barcelona!

Bullrings and Barcelona!

Would you like to discover history of Barcelona's famous bullrings? For centuries these places used to reunite people of Barcelona while assisting the fomous Spanish show: corrida. Our Spanish teacher will uncover the secrets of these traditions to you. Corridas do not exist in Barcelona anymore and the use of the buildings is changed forever, so you can only learn the history of them!

Price: Free
Duration: 2 hours

History of Bullrings

Fabián and his group

Are you anxious not to be able to understand the story? Please do not worry, our Spanish teachers know how to be understood by learners!

Curious Facts

Group and bullring

Do you know what the Spanish word "sombra" means? Why in the times of Corridas the show tickets, marked "sombra", would cost much more?

Discover nice spots

Plaza España

If you are an admirer of architecture of Barcelona, you will be able to enjoy these magnificient buildings as well as the views from them!

Improve your Spanish

David with his group

Improve your Spanish while learning curious facts about compelling Barcelona bullring history and its distinct traditions!

Have a look at the videos of this activity

See our pictures of the tour discovering bullrings

The only toros you'll see in Barcelona!

The only toros you'll see in Barcelona!

Let's enjoy the lovely view from Arenas.

Let's enjoy the lovely view from Arenas.

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