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Bildungsurlaub accreditation

Program Overview

Welcome to Camino Barcelona Spanish School, your pathway to mastering Spanish through immersive learning experiences! We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Bildungsurlaub program tailored to suit your educational needs.
Our Bildungsurlaub program offers intensive Spanish courses designed to enhance your language proficiency within a short timeframe. Accredited for 1 or 2-week durations, whether you need at least 1350 or 1800 minutes depends on the respective federal state.

What is Bildungsurlaub?
Bildungsurlaub, or "educational leave," is a unique program in Germany that allows employees to take time off from work for further education and training purposes. This statutory right enables workers to enhance their skills, knowledge, and language proficiency while experiencing cultural immersion in approved educational institutions worldwide.
Our Accreditation
Camino Barcelona Spanish School is accredited to offer Bildungsurlaub courses, providing participants with a valuable opportunity to advance their Spanish language skills within a structured and supportive learning environment.
Course Components
Intensive course
Engage in dynamic sessions covering reading, writing, grammar, and listening skills. Benefit from interactive group activities facilitated by our experienced instructors.
Conversation Class
Enhance your conversational fluency in an extra conversation class dedicated to practicing real-life scenarios and improving oral proficiency.
Private Classes
Receive personalized attention and guidance with private classes, tailored to address your specific learning goals and challenges.
Price Depending on the state
No: of minutes Course cost Reg. fee Total Discount 15% Grand total
1360 minutes/week 378 60 438 66 372
1525 minutes/week 543 60 603 90 513
1825 minutes/week 543 60 603 90 513
How to Enroll?
To enroll in our Bildungsurlaub program, simply email us or fill in the form, providing us with the following details:
• Duration of your desired course (1 or 2 weeks)
• Bundesland you will be applying from
• Preferred course dates

Our dedicated team will contact you back and assist you in planning your Spanish learning journey and ensure a seamless enrollment process.
Contact Us for Program Details
Bundesland-Specific Information
Not Accredited
On Request
Niedersachsen, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg : min.1800 minutes
Schleswig-Holstein : min.1650 minutes
Others: min.1350 minutes