CSN accreditation for Camino Barcelona

Many of our Swedish students apply for CSN grant to support their study in our school. The preparation of the CSN documents in our school is fast and easy. All you need is to choose your course and dates and send us necessary information to fill the CSN form on your behalf.

What is CSN?

CSN is an organisation which administrates the Swedish education system and provides support and grants for students. CSN represents an important support for Swedish students when applying for a variety of different courses.

The Swedish student support can come in the form of:

  • Financial aid for studies
  • A student loan
  • A state subsidy for studies

  • Financial Aid for Studies

    This is a financial contribution for students in secondary school, school for adults (komvux) or public university. The grant recipient can receive financial aid up until the spring term of the year in which they turn 20.

    A Student Loan

    The student loan is a grant for people who are studying in high school. The grant recipient can receive the loan up until the spring term of the year when they turn 20.

    State Subsidy for Studies

    The state subsidy for studies is partly a loan and partly a grant which can be requested for studies in a public university, a school for adults, a vocational school or a private university. The grant recipient can decide if they would like just a subsidy or if they would like a grant as well. In order to obtain the state subsidy for studies, certain requirements have to be complied with. The information about these requirements can be found here: www.csn.se.

    How to apply

    For more information about financial aid, a student loan or a state subsidy for studies, call +46 771 276 000 from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 until 16:30 or write an email to ebrev@csn.se.
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