Learning Spanish for Beginners in Barcelona, Spain

Learning Spanish for Beginners

Learn Spanish from scratch with our 5-Star rated Spanish teachers who specialize in beginner lessons. From the very first day of class your teachers will speak only in Spanish, but don´t worry, their animated teaching approach means that you´ll understand everything. Then, during class, you´ll be able to communicate and use this newly acquired knowledge with your peers, under the supervision of your teacher!

Total prices for all durations and start dates:

If you are interested in a Spanish course of a different duration or would like to find out the total price of your course and accommodation, please use the calculator below. Please do not worry about the level of Spanish you choose in the tool. This question is just to give us an approximate idea of your Spanish level. Your exact level will anyway be assessed by our written and oral level test before placing you in a suitable group.

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