Super-Intensive Plus Conversation Spanish Course

Super-Intensive & Conversation Spanish Course

On our Super Intensive Plus Conversation Course you will receive 20 hours of Intensive Spanish lessons per week. In addition, you will also have 10 hours per week of Spanish Conversation lessons, Monday to Friday, to gain additional speaking practise. We offer two different conversation topics each day throughout the 52 weeks of the year. Our conversation classes cover areas such as famous Spanish people, Latin America, Spanish cinema, Spanish cuisine, Spanish music, Christmas and New Year in Spain, recent events in the media, Spanish superstitions, the regions of Spain, bullfighting, Spanish festivals, Barcelona Football Club and many more!
Our Conversation classes also include integrated workshops whereby you can develop your conversational skills: pronunciation, vocabulary extension (food, music, culture, travel, cinema etc.), grammatical structures, debating, accentuation and intonation. These workshops will help you to communicate in Spanish in real-life situations with clarity and confidence.

Examples of conversation topics for 2 weeks:

The registration fee is 60 euros, paid once. Course prices include the Spanish lessons, placement level test, attendance and achievement certificates, the majority of events on our 7 day a week cultural and fun activity programs, and Spanish afternoon club use of school facilities for assisted self-study (library, videos, computers, classrooms, TVs and audio aids, etc).

Total prices for all durations and start dates:

If you are interested in a Spanish course of a different duration or would like to find out the total price of your course and accommodation, please use the calculator below. Please do not worry about the level of Spanish you choose in the tool. This question is just to give us an approximate idea of your Spanish level. Your exact level will anyway be assessed by our written and oral level test before placing you in a suitable group.

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