Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many of our frequently asked questions are listed below.
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When can I enrol?
How can I enrol?
Why is there an enrollment fee?
How can I get to Barcelona?
Where is the school located?
What is the climate in barcelona?
How big is Barcelona?
How close is the beach to Camino Barcelona?
How do I get to Camino Barcelona from the airport?
Is it possible to arrive a day earlier then the course start date and/or leave a day later than the course finish date?
Do you do airport pickup?
What happens when students arrive in Barcelona?
Your first day at Camino Barcelona
What facilities and services does your school have?
Will I have the possibility of exploring Barcelona and experience the Spanish culture and nightlife?
When can I start the course?
How many weeks can I study
How will you know my Spanish level?
What is my schedule?
What books do you use? And how many books per language level?
What teaching method do you use?
Are teachers native speakers and what are their teaching qualifications?
What courses do most people take?
Will I take exams?
Is there a possibility to change classes according to my progress?
How much can I expect to learn after 4 weeks of class?
What is the price per week when there is a public holiday?
I have never studied Spanish before, when can I start?
How long does it take to complete each level?
What books are used in class?
Can I start in the middle of the week?
How do I know which course is best suited to me?
Which course is recommended to make the fastest progress in Spanish?
Intensive Course
Intensive and Conversation Course
Super-Intensive and Private Lessons Course
One-to-one Course
Spanish and Salsa Course
Spanish and Flamenco Course
DELE Preparation Course
Semi-Intensive Course
Are there courses available for people under 16-years-old?
Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?
Can my spanish lessons be used as university credit?
Can I change my level if I feel that it isn't right for me?
In order to study a Masters at a spanish university, how long would I need classes for to reach a suitable level of Spanish?
How old are most of your students and what are their backgrounds?
How many students does your school have?
How many students are there per class?
Can I get a student card?
What should I do if I am unable to come to class one day?
Can I take a break from my course once I have started it?
What are your accommodation options?
How many students share 1 flat?
Can I choose to have a private bathroom option?
Do I need to bring towels or bed linen?
Will I have laundry facilities?
Who will I share my room with?
What are the safest places in Barcelona to stay or look for accommodation?
What is the recommended type of accommodation at Camino Barcelona?
What is the difference between On-Site Apartments and On-Site Residence?
What are the rooms in the on-site apartments like?
Why is my accommodation price different in the summer?
Is there air conditioning in the on-site accommodation?
Can I come and go as I please from the on-site accommodation?
What is a description of the host family accommodation option?
Can I try the lessons before I enroll?
How many hours/weeks of Spanish do I need for a student visa?
What kind of financial proof do I have to have for a Student Visa?
How long does the visa process take? How can I calculate in advance the strat date of my Spanish course for a student visa?
Will the school help me to apply for a STUDENT VISA?
How do I get my NIE/TIE?
What kind of Spanish health insurance do I need for my student visa?
What is the attendance policy if I have a visa?
If I come for a long term course and would like time of to travel Spain, is this possible?
How do I apply for Household registration certificate (Empadronamiento)?
How do I obtain a Student Visa ?
How long will it take the school to have my visa documents ready?
Should I apply for a student visa from my home country or while in Spain?
Documents required to apply for a Student Visa from my home country
Documents required to apply for a Student Visa from Spai
How to apply for a Spanish student visa from Morocco and Algeria?
What course should I choose for a long-term student visa and obtaining a NIE/TIE?
How do I check the correctness of my documents before applying for a student visa?
Why do I need NIE?
Do I need to be vaccinated to come to Camino Barcelona?
Where can I get a Covid-19 test?
Are masks provided?
How can I pay?
Can I pay for my course of a weekly basis?
Can I get a refund or change my course dates if I applied for a student visa with my Spanish course?
If my visa is rejected will I be able to get a refund?
Is it possible to reserve my course without paying the full fee?
What is the cancellation policy?
How can I give feedback?
What do you do if you get sick?
Can I use my Spanish course for my Duke of Edinburgh award?
Why should I choose Camino Barcelona over other language schools in Barcelona?
How do I rent a book?
I am a complete beginner in Spainsh, how will I be able to get around Barcelona?
How fast can I get fluent in Spanish?
What are the average living costs in Barcelona?
When is the low season for Camino Barcelona