Speak Spanish in 4 weeks!

Premium Self-Study Speaking Course

Does this sound familiar to you?

I'd love to practice Spanish at my level from my home

I am familiar with grammar,
but have difficulties speaking

I want to speak regularly, but I have a busy timetable

You'll start to speak Spanish in
Full Sentences from day one!

After just 4 weeks of practicing Spanish with our Videos and Unique Speech Recognition software you will be able to...

Have real Spanish conversations

Make friends
using Spanish

Feel confident,
speaking Spanish

By joining this Online Spanish Course
you will get:

250 video lessons
to show you what to say

2500 voice-recognition
exercises to practice without fear of making mistake

10 One-on-One sessions
with native tutor (optional)

Watch how this course work for your level:







Practice Spanish while no one listens

Speech-recognition software helps you say it right

Choose any device you like: laptop, tablet or smart phone

Learn in small chunks to boost your efficiency

How does it work? Everything to get you Fluent!

1. Premium video tutorials
on grammar

It’s like real classes at your finger tips
All the rules you need to start speaking
Carefully crafted by our native teachers

2. Speaking Practice with
speech-recognition software

exercises to practice without fear of making mistake
Gain confidence while no one listens
Software gives corrections and explanationss

3. Real-life conversations
with 'live tutor' (optional)

Total immersion, authentic conversation
Experience real spoken Spanish
AAsk any questions you want!

We are Camino Barcelona

A team of experienced and passionate Spanish teachers
of Instituto Cervantes Accredited Spanish Language School


You will meet our teachers in the video tutorials

Laura and Oliver

What you will achieve on this course

Confidence to start a
conversation with anyone

Use vast vocabulary
fluently without thinking

Perfectly comprehend spoken
used by native speakers

Certificate level knowledge
combined with expert speaking skills

Use the language naturally without
recalling grammar rules while speaking

Enjoy meeting new people instead of
being anxious about making mistakes

Our course offers what others don’t

100% focus on speaking

The course is designed in a
way to help you to fluency
in the fastest way possible.

Professional guidance

Our best certified
teachers will guide you
throughout the whole course.

Learn in small chunks to boost your efficiency

You will learn in small chunks. We’ll make sure you achieve fluency in each topic before moving further

Real-life conversations

Live tutor sessions will
give you an authentic
context for conversation.

Long-term motivation

Feeling real results and speaking to real people is an endless source of motivation. No points or games needed.

Make good progress

In our video-chat sessions you’ll realize week after week how much easier it gets for you to have real-life conversations.

What our current students say?

Get the most of your time!

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