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Ainoa Correro
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Reviews for: Ainoa Correro

The teacher created a really positive learning environment.

Luci Clifford
I liked that Ainoa was very particular on pronunciation (I think pronunciation is 50% of getting a language right) and that she was able to break down complex concepts (gender, article “unos/unas”) in a very easy to understand manner. It’s actually hard, but she made it look easy.
Jane Richard’s
It was my first week and with the most challenging past tenses but Ainoa made it easier for me to learn and remember the difference between pretérito indefinido vs pretérito imperfecto
Ainoa an excellent teacher who is very likeable and makes you feel really at ease. Very likeable and approachable. Her energy was really calming and engaging. She spoke very clear Spanish ( i felt i understood everything she said!). I really enjoyed her style and approach.
Mike Turner
Ainoa explained everything so clearly. Her explanations in Spanish were at the right pace for me to understand, but when I still didn't get it, she was able to explain clearly in English too.
Catherine Bushen
She was patient with us and was one of the best teachers I've had before. I feel I grow exponentially more in this Spanish class every time I arrive.
Byron Luke
Ainoa is amazing teacher. She does not allow you to relax, but at the same time there is always a very pleasant working atmosphere in her lessons. I really like that she always corrects mistakes and explains everything in details, but at the same time does not waste time.
Anna Golubeva
Really liked this week, it was more difficult than the A1 levels, but they teachers are really patient and take a lot of time to explain everything.
The way Ainoa taught the class and the way we all interacted and had fun was my favorite part of the week. I sincerely hope we have Ainoa again
Really enjoyed how Ainoa was happy to explain common phrases that are very useful for everyday situations and it was all taught in a fun interactive way
Alexandria Mills
What I liked a lot about Miss Ainoa is the fact that she makes learning interesting! I did not felt the time with her classes! I can tell she is doing her best to make sure that her students understand! She loves what she does and that is what makes her special! I am really thankful for this opportunity!
Kadie Altuwaijri
The conversational and diverse methods of teaching. e.g. games, conversation, group work. The teacher is great at talking clearly and slowly which helps a lot.
Brendan Lambert
It was really nice to get to know knew vocabulary and sometimes during the homework to be challenged with difficult texts you had to sort out by yourself.
Jerôme Joshua Payne
Aiona is a fantastic teacher and I very much enjoyed her classes this week. Aiona is very personable, clear and patient, which is important for us beginners. She divided her attention equally and the classes were very diverse, with both time to listen and practice.
Isha Sesay
Engaging lessons, funny, conversational - the teacher is fantastic, full of energy and engaging
I am surprised and totally loving that I was able to finish the first week with being able to speak some form of Spanish, likewise to understand some Spanish as well. Thanks to the amazing teachers
Nicole Gumbs
Last week was really hard and the condicional wasn't really clear. This week Ainoa did a really great job by practicing it again and now it is really clear. I feel this week was good cause everyone understanded it. Also the classes were fun!
Maarten Langemeijer
The Kahoot review/game on the last day was fun and allowed us to practice some of the things we learned during the week. Also, the homework on Wednesday (identifying the OD & OI and rewriting the sentences with pronombres) was really helpful.
Laurel Aroner

Ainoa Correro

Academic Assistant

City and country of origin:
Lleida, Spain
Short info:

Ainoa is the person in charge of our Spanish programs. Not only does she teach Spanish classes on a daily basis, but she is also responsible for creating new learning materials for our Spanish classes.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, Catalan, English, (French)

Degree in Applied Languages Masters in Spanish language and literature, and Masters in Spanish as a Second Language.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

The Gothic quarter, Gracia and Montjuic. There you can find beautiful little spots which make the city very special.

My hobbies:

I like reading, going to the movies or cultural events, and visiting history or art museums. I am also interested in photography, which I consider a new form of art. I like languages and learning about other cultures and perspectives to broaden my horizons.

Personal statement:

I enjoy interacting with students from different countries, learning from them and their cultures, as well as learning about the cultural differences and similarities. I am very grateful that I can pass on my mother tongue to other people, because as a foreign language learner I think it is very important to learn new languages nowadays.

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