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Reviews for: Jhenny Paola Sosa Liscano

I really liked the theme of the class of the week. I always love arguments about culture and cultural differences. I think it's a super interesting way to learn new things and at the same time practice the language and add new grammar rules and idiomatic expressions. The classes as always are organized, interesting and helpful and Jhenny is fantastic.

Samantha Barresi

I liked how Jhenny was teaching the new grammar part

Dora Majer

Jenny's energy and her very positive attitude could easily lift us up

Magdalena Niewieczerza

I liked the work we are doing with cultural misunderstandings. This week all the exercises have been useful to enrich my vocabulary and at the same time learn new anecdotes about world culture.

Samantha Barresi

The topics were interesting. The teacher is very nice.

Julia student

The teacher is very experienced..............


This week, what I liked the most was discovering and learning the expressions for good and bad wishes. I also liked playing Kahoot.

Samantha Barresi

Jhenny Paola Sosa Liscano


City and country of origin:
Bogotá, Colombia
Short info:

Jhenny is passionate about teaching. She has only been with Camino for a short time, but is already very familiar with the material in our internal study program.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, English, French, and a little Portugues

Bachelor's degree in Modern Languages. Master's degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language in Professional Settings.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

Montjuic and Parc De La Ciutadella

My hobbies:

I love to travel and to explore new cultures - especially trying al the delicious food!

Personal statement:

What I appreciate most about my work as a teacher is that I introduce the students to Spanish with love, joy, kindness and patience, and as a result their Spanish skills continue to grow.

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