Spanish Teacher and DELE exam coordinator
Laura Gómez
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Reviews for: Laura Gómez
The week was SO fun with Laura. Laura has a lot of energy and is very easy to learn with. It was a great week with Tamara and Laura!
Philipp Eierund
The group was fantastic, the material was very interesting and there was a lot of emphasis on speaking practice. Thanks a lot, Laura!
Gabriele Poteliunaite
Laura is really funny and creates a good atmosphere. Learning to use the imperative in a real life way was good
Being pretty new to spanish I will say that I liked it all.
Fabien Pruvost
Laura is really great at making class fun and mixing it up!
Sarah Lumley
I liked homework and group work
Sarah Trapp

Laura G es una de mis profesoras favoritas siempre y para siempre. Laura G es una profesora súper amable dulce divertida simpática y mucho más. Echo de menos mis clases con ella terriblemente. La quiero mucho y la echo de menos terriblemente.

Maeva Lacombe

Laura Gómez

Spanish Teacher and DELE exam coordinator

City and country of origin:
Palmyra, Colombia
Short info:

Spanish Teacher and DELE exam coordinator, Laura is one of the best Spanish teachers, and also the creator of our online Spanish conversation App.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, Catalan, English, Polish and Russian (beginner level)

I have a degree in Linguistics from the University of Barcelona. I also did the teacher training course at International House.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

I have three: The Tibidabo amusement park for its magical feel. The Raval neighborhood for its character and the different possibilities of learning new cultures. Lastly, the 'Cinema Phenomena' due to the quality and selection of the films.

My hobbies:

All topics related to ecology and sustainability interest me a lot! I also love listening and dancing to swing music, going to the movies, traveling and also making organic cosmetics for the home.

Personal statement:

Teaching Spanish feels like traveling for me because you can meet and learn new cultures without leaving Barcelona. I know that every day in class there will be new adventures, full of extremely satisfying and rewarding moments.

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