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Mariu Álvarez Gijón
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Reviews for: Mariu Álvarez Gijón
Mariu is super good in engaging everybody in the class, making you practice a lot and learning while having good fun.
Domenico Brambati
Mariu is always really nice and answers the questions of every student. I really enjoyed the lesson and the things we did were always much fun. The homeworks we got we’re very helpful to repeat the content of the lesson. I am very happy that I learned that much Spanish since I started my course.
Mariu seems really nice and wanted to help us learn. The topic for this week the prompts for the speaking activities were interesting. I really liked the game we played on the last day (the speaking board game).
Laurel Aroner
I loved that Mariu didn’t have us to as much pareja work but instead utilized google drive so we could do some excercices on our own time.
Philipp Eierund
I really love how much we get done in each class, I also went from believing I wasn't good at speaking to realising I knew more than I thought! Speaking only in Spanish in class made me feel way more confident and has helped a lot.
Dhari Sachdev
I enjoy the format of the course. Lots of student talk time. I like that we don't use a book. The handouts are excellent and the activities and conversation useful for every day conversation.
Anna San Diego
I liked how Mariu was always so optimistic and with a smile. Was a pleasure
Holger Olander
I loved the individual working, group correction (not in pairs) and then a lot of speaking
Mariu did a wonderful job in combining grammar and conversation and making it interesting. Was a great week!
Lucy Greenburg
I liked that Mariu printed the materials soo we could work on paper, since this week was with a lot of grammar exercises. Love her enthousiasm
Maarten Langemeijer
Mariu is energy and attention to detail. She also divided the study partners (during classes) very evenly, and this helps to get to know each other and practice more.
Shahar Maoz
It was a very warm and welcome feeling in the school, I definitely would recommend to others
Lutz Goram
Mariu because she's very nice teacher, her way of teching is very nice, i like it so much
Badraddine Ahnine
What I liked most about this week is that the theme was about love
Ashtar Alahmad
I learned a lot. The topics all flowed logically. Mariu is a great teacher, is very encouraging and has a very positive attitude. Everything was very well prepared.
Gabrielle O'Kelly
The teacher is efficient and followed good language learning methods - finally a class without doing grammar exercises or listening to the teacher talking all the time!
Kenny Beattie
I really liked the interaction and that the class is not very stressful, but very appropriate and entertaining. Learning is very practical.
I thought that Mariu was excellent! Very lively and positive and she was able anticipate what we needed and where we needed help.
Jane Richardson
I liked the opportunities given to communicate in Spanish with classmates
Ahmad Srour

Mariu Álvarez Gijón

Teachers Trainer

City and country of origin:
Mérida, Spain
Short info:

With her background in psychology, Mariu brings a unique perspective to her teaching, understanding the nuances of student learning and development.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, English, Italian, and a little Catalan and French
My hobbies:

I really like rock music, playing the guitar, dancing, yoga and art in general. Other great passions of mine are psychology, personal development and traveling, as well as learning new things and languages.

Personal statement:

I love being able to help students gain the confidence and skills they need to function in another language, I am passionate about teaching in a dynamic and fun way and that students learn in an environment where they feel safe and have fun. I love to laugh with my students!

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