Head of the Academic Department
Mila Estirado
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Reviews for: Mila Estirado
What I liked the most was that Mila gave us the opportunity to speak in Spanish in her class. We verbally practiced the grammar we had learned.
Karen Male
Mila explains rules/ gramar very clearly
Kate Kramen
Professor Mila speaks clearly, so it is easier for me to understand what she is saying. I also liked the school trip to Girona/Benzance.
Kelly Tay
Received many recommendations from the teacher, help and good attention to my level and material.
We took part in a practice test that helped me apply what I had learned, we also watched a mini-movie and answered comprehension questions that needed to be used over and over again. Studied various tenses and more specific vocabulary
Sophia Suhiff

Quiero estudiar en la ciudad de Rasul aquí y aprender más español.

Bilal idrissi

Mila Estirado

Head of the Academic Department

City and country of origin:
Tarragona, Spain
Short info:

Head of Study, Mila organizes the work of the entire academic department. She also takes care of the Cervantes accreditation and creates a weekly schedule of Spanish classes.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, Catalan

Degree in Hispanic Philology (Universitat Rovira i Virgili de Tarragona)
Official Master's Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages: Spanish as a Foreign Language (Universitat Rovira i Virgili de Tarragona)
Accreditation of a DELE examiner for all levels (Instituto Cervantes)
Certification of Pedagogical Aptitude (Universitat Rovira i Virgili de Tarragona)
Certification in Professional Correction (European University of Madrid)

Favorite places in Barcelona:

Bunkers del Carmel, Plaza España, la Barceloneta

My hobbies:

I like to read, go to the cinema and theater and I LOVE to travel. Hiking is my favorite sport and I do it quite often, although in summer I prefer swimming at the beach.

Personal statement:

In my opinion, Barcelona is the perfect city to live in. The weather couldn't be better and you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains. It is a charming city that also offers a wide range of options for leisure.

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