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Naiara Salaberri
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Reviews for: Naiara Salaberri

I liked Naiara's way of teaching and style. She is very attentive and always makes sure that we speak correctly and actually understand what's being taught! I really enjoyed lessons with Naiara.

Madara Neilande

The teaching was amazing and the teacher was very friendly to all of us. We had such a fun week together!

Vilma Rintanen

I liked how Naria made the lessons more relatable to everyday life

Lexi student

Me encantan las leyendas y la historia antigua y hemos aprendido sobre el pasado con leyendas increíbles. ¡Es la leche!

Ashtar Alahmad

Well structured. Clearly, efficiently, comprehensivly explained

Marc Schlett

The interaction in the class and opportunity to talk

Nicky Slootweg

Naiara Salaberri

Spanish Teacher

City and country of origin:
Arrasate-Mondragón (Gipuzkoa), Spain
Short info:

Naiara gives efficient, well-structured, and enjoyable Spanish classes. She gives clear explanations of grammar and creates a friendly atmosphere in her lessons.

Languages spoken:
Basque, Spanish, English, Catalan, and Chinese
My hobbies:

At weekends I love going out with my friends for a beer and tapas. I'm a vegetarian, but don't think I only eat lettuce! I love trying new dishes and experimenting in the kitchen. I have to confess that after living in China for a year, rice has become an essential food in my dishes. I love cooking Asian dishes at home but with a personal touch "Naiara style".

Personal statement:

Teaching a language is much more than just teaching vocabulary, it's about sharing the culture behind the language. The fun thing is that when you teach Spanish you also gain knowledge of new cultures in the discussions that arise in class - it's something that fascinates me!

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