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Noelia Carballido González
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Reviews for: Noelia Carballido González
Even if the students in my group were not at the same level Noelia could handle it very well. In my last day I could see the difference: I had an other teacher and I had the feeling the level was far too difficult for me. Noelia was very effective. She taught a lot in a short time. She was also very inspiring. I want to learn more!
Marianne Björklund
We all felt part of a team and it was fun and educational. Very professional yet also personal
Freda Parker
I enjoyed having Noelia as a teacher. She is good at explaining things in English to help us understand. The class was interactive and we got to practise more as the group was smaller.
Lisha Chauhan
I appreciate the way Noelia navigates our discussions and adds on other common expressions. She is always all ears and very attentive to the contributions of every individual in the class and ensures that everyone participates. She is always sharp and corrects us appropriately
Florence Hollermann
The teacher is so much friendly and nice with all the students and the material is super good!
Bayan Jarabaa
I really like the people in the class, the material we are learning and the teacher
Elma Jenný
I tried a conversation class and a semi intensive class by Noelia. She speaks slowly and clearly and accommodated me for doing the very first Spanish class ever.
Seung-Hee Han
Noelia is very pleasant and professional. She is patient with slow learners like me and she makes the time go quickly
Geoff Russell
Pair and small group speaking activities. Working with different different people each activity
Noelia has a very simple, practical approach to get students learn and speak. I love her class
Seunghee Han
Noelia was very focused, energetic, supportive and fun - she encouraged us to learn, was a brilliant facilitator and the use of repetition of learning (words. grammar etc) over two days was invaluable
Catherine Shaw
That Noelia pointed out my errors in speaking and writing succinctly, this has been very helpful so thank you
I have loved that the teachers have used google drive for homework and also during classes. It's great when all the class material is on google drive because it's easier to view on your computer than the class screen.
Noelia is very patient with us and very good at correcting our mistakes in a kind way.
Josh Norquist
I spent 3 weeks with Noelia... she was very well organized, easy to understand and took her time for each student
Noelia does a great job of engaging the students during class. And she gets through a lot of the lesson plan
Gina Ogazi
There weren't too many homework, conversations, and Noelia's power to control the class that everyone was able to participate in.
Eva R
The exercises with all the students is very useful and Noelia can teach the whole class.

Noelia Carballido González

Spanish Teacher

City and country of origin:
Pontevedra, Spain
Short info:

Noelia joined our team with enthusiasm and a desire to learn how to be a really good teacher. After a few years at Camino, she is an experienced teacher.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, English, and Gallego

I have a Degree in Primary School Teaching (University of Vigo - Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca) and a Master's Degree in Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Universidad de Nebrija, Madrid)

Favorite places in Barcelona:

The Mirador d'Horta, I recommend going to see the sunrise.

My hobbies:

What I like most is food, clothes and book markets, taking pictures with my good camera, drawing and painting, hiking, going to the beach, doing and trying new activities, reading, Netflix, cooking, organising trips and travelling! I also enjoy going for tapas and beers with my friends.

Personal statement:

What I like most about teaching Spanish is sharing the cultural and language differences. I'm supposed to teach, but every day I learn something new! As well as seeing that, although we are all from different countries, in the end we are not so different, it's wonderful!

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