Nuria Guardiola Ballabriga
Daily Activity Organiser
Nuria Guardiola Ballabriga
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Reviews for: Nuria Guardiola Ballabriga

Las clases era muy divertido y Nuria tenia much energia, y ha explicaba y presentaba todo muy, muy bien, con claridad y con much riendo, que es muy importante para mi

Fionnuala Creegan

I had classes with Nuria from February 14-18. I liked Nuria's energy and her jokes, and she also uses it in songs.

Marloes Claassens

I like Nuris's patience and ability to make everything clear. She ensures that everyone understands before moving on

Gabrielle student

Nuria has a very positive energy and knows how to use humor to facilitate a relaxed atmosphere.

Gabriele Cappadona

It was fun but also challenging, the teacher was able to keep up the energy and keep me engaged

Sonny Sonny

I like it very much, when we have time to talk and gossip - I would like, when some exercises would ask a little more about us. For all very well :)

Sarah Epping

The exercises And that the teacher motivated us so much It helped me a lot I really like the exercise con los fecas bien or mal

Johanna Zinn

I learn more topics and meet a new teacher! The homework is interesting and I like the text that explains the rules.

Daniel student

I liked that she and Oliver both were addressing the same topic from different angles.

Gabrielle student

The professor are very accommodating and they answer all your questions

Martina Toni

Nuria is a fun and exuberant teacher. She has been my favourite so far!

Jay student

Nuria explains everything clearly and always encourages speaking in Spanish.

Catherine Bushen

The teacher has a lot of passion in teaching and her class is great fun, too.


The fact that Nuria was the one teaching because she is a super sweet energetic and kind person

Mati student

Nuria brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the class, which was nice and made the class fun

Laurel Aroner

Nuria is very professional, very interesting and very motivating and very nice

Isabelle Traule

Nuria Guardiola Ballabriga

Daily Activity Organiser

City and country of origin:
Lleida, Spain
Short info:

Teacher and daily Activities organizer, Nuria could be an actress as well. She is extremely expressive, giving both excellent classes and amazing terrace and guided tour activities.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, Catalan, and English

I studied Childhood Education at the University of Barcelona for my bachelors degree
In Manchester I then achieved my cualification to be a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language at the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

The Gracia neighbourhood and Montjuic

My hobbies:

I like to travel and learn new things. I also love everything to do with art.

Personal statement:

Meet people, learn from them, and watch their progress.

Photo gallery: