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Oliver San Blas
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I like when we learn more about each other with maps, where other classmates are from, what they do, or talking about how we are doing at the start of the class. But I enjoyed this whole week of lessons as well. Every day are little bites of learning and homework which is good. I am getting a bit overwhelmed at how much I know I have to learn though.

Christine Yanish
I LOVE my time with Oliver! You can't get a better teacher than Oliver - all around just fantastic - materials, his patience, speaking practice, laughing and everything. he makes me comfortable with my mistakes
Mrinal Desai
I love his way of teaching and his way of interacting with the students. He was so positive and you feel like you have a good student teacher relationship
Liz Spierings
The structure of the lessons. Very well organized and good explanation and enough practice
The classes are really fun - all game forms are fun like Kahoot and also the break out sessions to know more about the other students using Spanish.
Mrinal Desai
Oliver was very enthousiastic and had fun exercises to learn Spanish!
Anna Maas
Oliver is really amazing with engaging with the students, best teacher I have ever met in Camino
I have a very good time with Oliver as he makes us all very comfortable even with our broken Spanish. Very patient, he gives us all an opportunity to speak as well as not do so and exit elegantly :)
Mrinal Desai
Oliver is one of my favourite teachers at the school. His classes are so cool, he's always helpful, cheerful and keep explaining everything in different ways/aspects for us just to understand the essence of it. So attentive, remember everything and supports and inspires whenever you need it. :)
Oliver is an amazing teacher, he gives information very clear, the lessons are well structured and everything is easy to remember
Oliver's ability to be able to get over to us what we needed to know without difficulty. His classes were informative, fun and with just the right amount of everything to enjoy and learn a lot in the week.
Paul Mc Cann
Oliver gave my favourite classes so far! I really liked the lessons, the interactions, the activities! I learned and laughed a lot!
Learning different topics which enabled me to learn new spanish languages additionally practicing speaking all the time was educative as well

Oliver was my teacher for the second half of the class. The classes with him were fun and informative at the same time. Oliver is a real professional. And Oliver organized for us a very fascinating excursion through night Barcelona. I can recommend him highly enough.

Irina Semenova

Oliver San Blas

Head of teacher training

City and country of origin:
Barcelona, Spain
Short info:

Oliver manages our in-house Spanish teacher training program by finding talented new teachers, interviewing them, training them, and overseeing their professional development.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, and French

Graduated in International Relations (Open University) Training course for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (International House) Grammar in the Spanish class (International House)

Favorite places in Barcelona:

Since I was a kid, I've had a soft spot for Boteno's Cat in la Rambla del Raval and the Mammoth in la Ciutadella. Don't miss out on them!

My hobbies:

Traveling and learning about other cultures as well as languages is one of my passions in life. I also enjoy dancing, acting and singing karaoke!

Personal statement:

I love meeting people from all over the world and learning with the students while teaching

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