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Yunet Katia Mejías Valdés
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Reviews for: Yunet Katia Mejías Valdés
I really liked Unite's classes. These are very organized classes with time devoted to reading, grammar, audio, and speaking. I appreciate his attention to detail and his ability to explain grammar very clearly. I hope we can study with her again!
Eva Reis
I love how Yunet uses Google Drive for homework and works in pairs. It was very very good!!!
Philipp Eierund
Teachers try to switch up the activities to make it fun and engaging
Wow, I really liked Yunet's energy, her classes are very active and we are making great progress. Lots of role playing. Top teacher!!
Pierrot Ganneau
This Yunet joked all the time. She's a great person!
Olesia Poliakova
Made very clear notes on the board which allowed the students to understand clearly. Information was written in such a way that it was very digestible.
Kim Delacroix
How well the teachers are prepared and that they also make it good fun to learn
Paul Mc Cann
The fact that the teacher really actually listen to what we practice speaking in class and used what we said and use as example to identify if it was good sentence or bad sentence and why. I like this method
I really like that Yunet does a lot error correction with both our speaking and writing. She has us correct our classmates errors, which is really helpful for everyone. I think this helps me understand and notice when I'm doing something wrong.
Laurel Aroner
I enjoyed learning some sentences with multi-valued verbs and lexicalized imperatives.
Michael Meza

Lots of reviews. Lots of explanations. Yunet is very good, but perhaps more demanding than some teachers. This makes it harder, but better. The best teachers are not soft.

Geoff Russell

Marta is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed it all.

Susan Jones

The practice is on current topics and the discussion is always open to debate.

Capucine Texereau

I love studying with Marta because her classes are so much fun.

Ashtar Alahmad

The method of study and teaching, the very good atmosphere in the class.

Marco Russotto

Mi Marta de mi corazón y vida mi profesora favorita # 1 es una profesora súper amable increíble dulce agradable etc con un corazón tan grande lleno de amor y de oro. Siempre tiene una sonrisa tan bonita y siempre está lista para ayudar su alumnos. Marta es una profesora que tiene muchísima patiencia etc. Espero que puede ser mi profesora muy pronto. La quiero mucho y la echo de menos terriblemente y echo de menos mis clases con ella terriblemente.

Maeva Lacombe

I would like to express my great admiration for the Spanish teacher who is teaching me Spanish in Barcelona. He is one of the best and most professional teachers in the world. From the very first lesson I fell in love with the Spanish language. I would recommend anyone to learn Spanish with Tatiana. Thank you very much to Mrs. Tatiana for teaching me Spanish.

Romani Lashkhia

I can't even find enough words and can't even begin to express how I miss Marta C. I love Marta C so much. I miss Marta C terribly. I hope I will have a chance to have classes with her soon it's been way too long since the last time we had classes together and this since February.

Maeva Lacombe

Yunet Katia Mejías Valdés

Teacher and TikTok Presenter

City and country of origin:
La Habana, Cuba
Short info:

With a contagious love for the Spanish and cuban language and culture, Yunet brings excitement and enthusiasm to every lesson.

Languages spoken:
Spanish, Italian

Degree in Hispanic Philology (University of Valencia)
Master's Degree in Literature and City in Latin America (University of Havana)
Training of teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (Spanish School Costa de Valencia)
Accreditation of the DELE examiner for school levels A1, A2, B1 and B2, and A2 / B1 (Instituto Cervantes)

Favorite places in Barcelona:

One of my favorite places in Barcelona is definitely El Born, because it is a neighborhood with soul, where you can enjoy a drink or a meal in many charming cafes. I love walking through the cobblestone streets. I would also recommend Plaza Cataluña and Passeig de Gracia.

My hobbies:

I love to read, travel, learn about new cultures and spend time at the beach. I am passionate about art, dancing and literature.

Personal statement:

Teaching is a unique opportunity to learn about our language and culture and at the same time about other cultures, which is mutually enriching.

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