Weekly Activity Program

28 November 2022 - 4 December 2022
Montjuïc Castle              7
Monday (28-11-2022)
With: Elena
From when it was built in 1640 to 1940 Montjuïc Castle was the location of many battles as well as serving as a prison for the people captured during these fights.
Tour through El Borne                          13
Tuesday (29-11-2022)
With: Laura
The neighbourhood el Born, or Sant Pere, is part of the old town of Barcelona and filled with lovely cafes and bars as well as artisan cafes.
Modernist Route              11
Wednesday (30-11-2022)
With: Ana María
Join us as we learn more about the modernist architecture and history that encapsulates Barcelona. You will set off from outside the school and head down Eixample until the Passig de Gracia and then continue towards the city centre.
Dalí Cybernetic            6
Thursday (01-12-2022)
With: Elena
Join us as we visit the digital art galley, with art by Dalí projected on the walls around you. It is a truly immersive experience and thoroughly enjoyable for everyone!
Tour to Barceloneta           4
Friday (02-12-2022)
With: Ana María
Discover the history of Barcelona´s most popular tourist destinations! Although Barcelona is known for its unusual layout of buildings, the layout of those in Barceloneta differs entirely.
Tarragona                 5
Saturday (03-12-2022)
With: Laura
Only an hour away on the train, Tarragona is full of history, similar to Barcelona. The Roman Ruins of Tarragona are perhaps the most well-known, especially due to their World Heritage accreditation by UNESCO.
Night Walk                0
Sunday (04-12-2022)
Join the night walk to get a feel for the city, meet new people, and hopefully ease any nerves you have for the upcoming week!