Team Camino Barcelona

Spanish Teachers

Photo of Mila Estirado, Head of the Academic Department at Camino Barcelona

Mila Estirado

Head of Study, Mila organizes the work of the entire academic department. She also takes care of the Cervantes accreditation and creates a weekly schedule of Spanish classes.
Photo of Ainoa Correro,  Academic Assistant at Camino Barcelona

Ainoa Correro

Ainoa is the person in charge of our Spanish programs. Not only does she teach on a daily basis, but she is also responsible for creating new learning materials for our Spanish classes.
Photo of Oliver San Blas, Head of teacher training  at Camino Barcelona

Oliver San Blas

Oliver manages our in-house Spanish teacher training program by finding talented new teachers, interviewing them, training them, and overseeing their professional development.
Photo of Laura Gómez , Spanish Teacher and DELE exam coordinator at Camino Barcelona

Laura Gómez

Spanish Teacher and DELE exam coordinator, Laura is one of the best Spanish teachers, and also the creator of our online Spanish conversation app.
Photo of Marina Morell, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Marina Morell

Marina gives excellent courses according to our program and is also a DELE examiner. She also teaches Spanish culture on our Instagram account.
Photo of Nuria Guardiola Ballabriga, Daily Activity Organiser at Camino Barcelona

Nuria Guardiola Ballabriga

Teacher and daily Activities organizer, she is extremely expressive, giving both excellent classes and amazing terrace and guided tour activities.
Photo of Laura Acebal Esteban, Lead Activity Organiser at Camino Barcelona

Laura Acebal Esteban

Lead Activity Organiser, Laura A is an excellent teacher and amazing activity organizer - loved by all our students.
Photo of Mariu Álvarez Gijón, Teachers Trainer at Camino Barcelona

Mariu Álvarez Gijón

Mariu has a degree in Psycology and gives excellent classes. She also helps in training new teachers to learn our method better.
Photo of Noelia Carballido González, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Noelia Carballido González

Noelia joined our team with enthusiasm and a desire to learn how to be a really good teacher. After a few years at Camino, she is an experienced teacher.
Photo of Noelia, Spanish teacher at Camino Barcelona


Noelia is a very appreciated teacher, she has been working with us for a while and is always praised for her wonderful way. She makes learning Spanish fun and the students say that they learn a ton.
Photo of Elena Cazorla, Spanish Teacher and Activity Organiser at Camino Barcelona

Elena Cazorla

Spanish Teacher and Activity Organiser, Elena likes giving classes as well as continuing teaching Spanish on the streets of Barcelona - outside of her class!
Photo of Yunet Katia Mejías Valdés, Teacher and TikTok Presenter at Camino Barcelona

Yunet Katia Mejías Valdés

Yunet is a Spanish teacher and DELE examiner. She is of Cuban origin but grew up in Spain. She also teaches Spanish through our TikTok account. Yunet is currently on maternity leave.
Photo of Jhenny Paola Sosa Liscano, Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Jhenny Paola Sosa Liscano

Jhenny is passionate about teaching. She has only been with Camino for a short time, but is already very familiar with the material in our internal study program.
Photo of Rubén Capilla Haro, Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Rubén Capilla Haro

Ruben is extremely compassionate to his students, and he is a perfectionist in preparing his classes. He also likes to contribute to developing study materials for Camino.
Photo of Mariona Prat Esparch, Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Mariona Prat Esparch

Mariona has joined our teachers' team relatively recently but has made amazing progress in learning our teaching techniques becoming a wonderful teacher.
Photo of Naiara Salaberri, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Naiara Salaberri

Naiara gives efficient, well-structured, and enjoyable Spanish classes. She gives clear explanations of grammar and creates a friendly atmosphere in her lessons.
Photo of Ana María, Spanish Teacher  at Camino Barcelona

Ana María

Spanish Teacher, Ana María recently joined our team,  she has got extensive experience in teaching Spanish and quickly became a valuable member of the team.
Photo of Albert Rabell Hernández, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Albert Rabell Hernández

Albert is a natural communicative teacher. Our students in the complete beginners' Spanish course simply love him as their teacher.
Photo of Nuria Fragua Alonso, Spanish Teacher  at Camino Barcelona

Nuria Fragua Alonso

Spanish Teacher, Nuria has recently joined our team and received extra training for communication methods such as the model pair to help students work in pairs efficiently.
Photo of Miguel Romero Tornero, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Miguel Romero Tornero

Spanish Teacher, Miguel has joined our Camino team recently with some experience in teaching in teacher-centered classes. Now he has acquired communicative teaching methods.
Photo of Patricia López Rodríguez, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Patricia López Rodríguez

Spanish Teacher, Patricia, has learned to deliver our study program really well using communicative methods, such as 'right and wrong'.
Photo of Geni, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona


Geni brings with her all the experience of teaching Spanish. She worked in different Spanish schools and can now bring all her knowledge to Camino. Her classes are fun, entertaining and super educational.

Photo of Susana Guria Ruiz Iturriaga, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Susana Guria Ruiz Iturriaga

Susana is one of our new teachers, and students have already fallen in love with her open and engaging manner. With her, learning Spanish will never be boring. 
Photo of Rosa, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona


Spanish teacher Rosa has been part of our team for a few months now and it's hard to imagine life without her. You can see her years of experience as a Spanish teacher for foreigners while she also teaches higher levels. 
Photo of Miriam Cuerva Domínguez, Spanish Teacher at Camino Barcelona

Miriam Cuerva Domínguez

Miriam is a natural when it comes to teaching. She gets students to come out of their shell and motivates everyone to speak Spanish!


Photo of Ella Bekker, School Director at Camino Barcelona

Ella Bekker

As school director, Ella is responsible for maintaining the excellence of our Spanish classes and immersion program, as well as developing our Spanish teaching method to make it accessible to a greater number of students.
Photo of Marina Tkacheva, Sales Manager at Camino Barcelona

Marina Tkacheva

Sales Manager, Marina is well organized, extremely knowledgable, professional, and compassionate to the students, while also being very fast and focused on her work.
Photo of Giulia Massimini , Accommodation Officer at Camino Barcelona

Giulia Massimini

Accommodation Officer, Giulia, is a very caring character who is always ready to use her expertise to help our students to find the best possible accommodation in Barcelona according to their requests.
Photo of Maksym Loshniy, Lead Sales Manager at Camino Barcelona

Maksym Loshniy

Maksym, Sales Manager, advises our potential students in 6 languages and helps them choose the Spanish study program that suits their interests and long-term plans.
Photo of Daniela Pace, Lead Office Manager at Camino Barcelona

Daniela Pace

Lead Office Manager, Daniela organizes a smooth work of our administration team. She also provides assistance to our students whenever necessary.
Photo of Sarah Lumley, Head of Marketing at Camino Barcelona

Sarah Lumley

Community manager, Sarah organises all sort of connections with outside world, she also is involved in events organising at our school.
Photo of Tania Futakova, Office Manager and People Officer at Camino Barcelona

Tania Futakova

Tania is excellent at supporting all types of needs of our students and she is responsible for intern recruitment
Photo of Teresa Satzky, Digital Marketing Manager at Camino Barcelona

Teresa Satzky

Teresa is the creative head of our company and deals with the Digital Marketing world.
Photo of Daniela Calí, Office Manager at Camino Barcelona

Daniela Calí

Office Manager Daniela is empathetic and eager to help any student at the recption or on the phone with anything they need. 
Photo of Pepita Sierra Alfonso, Head of Accounting at Camino Barcelona

Pepita Sierra Alfonso

Head of Accounting, Pepita is hard working and also enjoys helping other departments. She is creative and likes to help foreigners to learn more about Spanish culture.
Photo of Ajnas, Photographer and Videographer at Camino Barcelona


Photographer and Videographer, Ajnas, takes photo and videos of our Spanish classes, school premises and residence, as well as of our daily cultural activities.

Support Staff

Photo of Alfonso Nieto, Maintenance at Camino Barcelona

Alfonso Nieto

Maintenance, we believe that Alfonso is able to fix anything in the school or in our apartments, he also has all kinds of certificates that allow him to do so.
Photo of Eli, Cleaning Lady at Camino Barcelona


Eli is our cleaning lady who has worked at the school and residence for a few years, making the premises clean and spreading her friendliness among the students.
Photo of Iris Barahona, Cleaning Lady at Camino Barcelona

Iris Barahona

Iris has worked at Camino for over 3 years, she is full of energy and a positive attitude - she cleans our school residence together with Eli. She also looks after Camino's gardens on our terraces.