Albert Rabell Hernández
Spanish Teacher
Albert Rabell Hernández
  • spain
  • catalonia
  • england
  • france
  • germany
Reviews for Albert Rabell Hernández
I liked how Albert is attentive and patient. He also keeps things lively which is very much appreciated.
Amazing atmosphere in the class, very very nice classmates and the teaching was excellent.
Vilma Rintanen
The oral activities and the good energy of the teacher
Eloïse Kujawski
Albert is great at making me pronounce the words correctly.
Brenda Lee
Doing all the speaking exercises ends playing so many games and learning at the same time
Friendly atmosphere in Albert's classroom
Charles Heimler
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Albert Rabell Hernández

Spanish Teacher

Languages Spoken
Catalan, Spanish, English, and a little French and German
Degree in Spanish language and literature. Master's degree in teacher training for teachers of Spanish as a second language
My hobbies:
I love any kind of cultural activity. My biggest hobbies are reading and theatre, but I am also a restless person: I like to go dancing, swimming, hiking... and, of course, good food!  
Personal Statement:
What I like most about being a teacher is that I am constantly meeting people from different places, with different points of view, different ways of learning and relating to each other. I think this enriches me enormously as a person, and I love being able to help them achieve their goals with Spanish so that they feel more comfortable communicating and get to know the culture and life that this city has to offer.
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