Ana María
Spanish Teacher
Ana María
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Reviews for Ana María
The teacher is amazing! She makes us feel comfortable to speak and she explains the grammar again on the board so that I can get familiar with it.
Chahrazad Hajji
I always learn something new in the class and Ana Maria explains everything well
Phoebe Langan
Ana Maria is very professional and fun, she teaches very well.
Borbala Borocz
I like that we get plenty of practice to speak
Laura R

Ana María

Spanish Teacher

Languages Spoken
Catalan, Spanish
Degree in Hispanic Philology (University of Barcelona) Certificate of pedagogical aptitude (University of Barcelona) Training course for foreign language teachers (Official Language School drassanes, Barcelona) Diploma in Radiophonism and Communication
Favourite Places in Barcelona:
My favorite places are without a doubt: the Parc de les Aigües, the Sant Pau hospital and the beach of la Barceloneta.
My hobbies:
I love music, especially classic rock, enjoy good conversation and contact with nature and animals.
Personal Statement:
Barcelona, ​​without a doubt, is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the world of modernity and the latest trends, as well as to train in any discipline. 
A clear example is the Camino Barcelona school, an ideal center for learning Spanish in an excellent environment. Here, you can connect with people from different cultures while enjoying the interesting activities offered.
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