Elena Cazorla
Spanish Teacher and Activity Organiser
Elena Cazorla
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Reviews for Elena Cazorla
How interesting and fun Elena’s exercises were, we had many games which made us learn faster and in a enjoyable way. The pace of her classes were great!
Elena’s classes were very interactive and this assisted with learning. She is also very clear in her teaching and humorous.
Amara Hochberg
Starting learning about the past tense was really useful.
Benoit Dejean
Elena was fun and interesting
Lorraine Gunter
The topic was interesting. We did some listening activities, which was good.
Laurel Aroner
Elena made the class fun and interesting, she made it dynamic
Florence Hollermann
Lots of interaction and practice with activities in class
Faraz Kittur Ahmed
The combination of speaking, understanding errors, reading and listening

Elena Cazorla

Spanish Teacher and Activity Organiser

Languages Spoken
Spanish, Italian, and English
Hispanic Physiology Bachelor Degree . Masters in ELE - Spanish as a foreign language. Qualified as an DELE examiner by Instituto Cervantes, A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Favourite Places in Barcelona:
Montjuic and the Gracia neighbourhood
My hobbies:
I like going to concerts, gastronomy, the sea of my hometown and photography. As for sports, I like hiking, martial arts, and swimming.
Personal Statement:
What I like most about being a teacher is that I am always in contact with people from different countries and cultures and also because one of the best ways to learn is to have something to teach.
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