Mariona Prat Esparch
Mariona Prat Esparch
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Reviews for Mariona Prat Esparch
Mariona is lovely! I like the times of the classes too as it's best while I'm working, and Mariona did a great job with teaching us a good amount in each lesson
Dhari Sachdev
The content was good. Mariona is a great teacher and made class interessting. She is very good!
Mariona is friendly, attentive and engaging! She goes at just the right speed.
Аndrew Brewer
How much we got done! I feel a lot more confident in speaking and I only started a few days ago :)
Dhari Sachdev
I finally understood the usage of the different types of pasado - that was a major breakthrough in which will help me to progress to the next level in Spanish.
Kim Delacroix
Really liked this week, it was more difficult than the A1 levels, but they teachers are really patient and take a lot of time to explain everything.
The teacher is super nice and there are more games in class
Alena Radziuk
I liked how she interacted with everyone
David Symington
Mariu and Mariona organized the lessons in a lively. Thank you
Ulrike Roesch
Making new sentences that are really usefull and the listening, talking and video assignments
Improved my grammar and speaking skills significantly in first week thanks to Mariona!
Charles Zanlunghi
The teacher is super kind and is always paying attention to every student.
Interacting with other people and the teacher in the class
Alicia Brito Dos Santos
The way how she teach and give chance to read and participate in the class
Mohsen Dordiany
What I liked the most this week was the grammar and subjunctive lessons.
Michael Meza
Mariona es una de mis profesoras favorita siempre y para siempre. La quiero mucho. La echo de menos terriblemente. Echo de menos mis clases con Mariona terriblemente. Mariona es una profesora súper amable dulce excelente simpática y mucho más. Mariona es una de las mejores profesoras de Camino.
Maeva Lacombe
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Mariona Prat Esparch


Languages Spoken
Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Arabic and a bit of Italian
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting as well as a Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish and Catalan as a Foreign Language.
Favourite Places in Barcelona:
I have been living in Barcelona for a short time, but without a doubt, one of my favorite places is Calle Blai, in Poble Sec. The atmosphere of this street is very nice and it is full of bars with good tapas for 1€! I also like to walk around the Sarrià neighborhood, a very nice and quiet area of Barcelona.
My hobbies:
I spend most of my free time learning new languages, one of my great passions. I also love cycling, traveling and trying new things. For example, I recently discovered that I like climbing.
Personal Statement:
What I like most about teaching Spanish is having the opportunity to interact with people from other cultures who share my passion: learning languages. Being part of their learning process is very rewarding.
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