Patricia López Rodríguez
Spanish Teacher
Patricia López Rodríguez
  • spain
  • catalonia
  • england
  • japan
Reviews for Patricia López Rodríguez
I liked the progress - so I was a big fan of being taught new things - for example verbos irregulares.
We learnt a lot and it was fun
Everything was fine!
Kiona Keil
I like that we did the exam on Thursday and have Friday to go over our results and see what we need to practice more.
Lessons on irrigular verbs and reflexive verbs
Peter Ploum
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Patricia López Rodríguez

Spanish Teacher

Languages Spoken
Spanish, Catalan, Japanese and English
Bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies (majoring in Japanese) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Master's degree in Spanish language, Hispanic literature and Spanish as a foreign language at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Favourite Places in Barcelona:
The Biblioteca de Catalunya del Raval, the Palau de la Música Catalana, the mountain of Montserrat and the Jardins de la Tamarita
My hobbies:
I am passionate about literature, singing, art and history. I love martial arts, Catalan, rumba and learning new languages, and I enjoy learning about new cultures and walking through lush forests.
Personal Statement:
Seeing how students get excited to understand new grammar and excited to be completing the puzzle that is Spanish.
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