Rubén Capilla Haro
Rubén Capilla Haro
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Reviews for Rubén Capilla Haro
Ruben is very well organized, attentive to all of us and with a great sense of humour. He has a strong knowledge of grammar and he explains very well. Really happy to have him as a teacher!
The way Rubén explains, it's super clear, clearer than water, I'm super happy for having signed up for the course.
I liked that we just jumped in, and also that the lesson plans were structured to let us progress quickly. The phrases we learned were also directly usable outside in the real world.
Jane Ricardson
It was very good how Ruben explained the new content and he is always very friendly and helpful. I am happy that I learned that much in only four days of Spanish classes.
Learning and progressing. Homework was good. Teacher interaction was good
Sonia Amin
A lot of informations and many conversations and some activities
Ruben’s style is interactive and he makes the group do a lot of practical examples helping the group in improving conversation and pronounciation. Ruben also patiently answers questions.
Raj Rao
The opportunity to talk to each other and interaction between each other
Nicky Slootweg
The amount of interaction in class. Ruben spent equal time ensuring each student got the opportunity to practice and learn.
Ben Blackmore
The amount of interaction in class. Ruben spent equal time ensuring each student got the opportunity to practice and learn.
Ben Blackmore
Pictures are very helpful with understanding contwnt and used cleverly.
Marie O Dwyer
The teacher is very patient and is ready to help each student
Rubén was super patient and very attentive
Rubin made learning Spanish very approachable and helped us through our mistakes without making us nervous or feel bad about them.
Nicole Barber
The exercises and vocabulary. The teacher's way of explaining things
Anna Rousouli
Ruben was my teacher for the first half of the class. He had a very individual and soft style of teaching and the classes were very interesting and productive. I recommend this teacher to anyone who wants to achieve good results in learning Spanish.
Irina Semenova

Rubén Capilla Haro


Languages Spoken
Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Russian
I have a degree in Hispanic Philology
Favourite Places in Barcelona:
Cervantes Park in spring when the International New Roses Competition is held.
My hobbies:
Working in the family garden and rereading Don Quixote.
Personal Statement:
Being a Spanish teacher allows you to be in constant contact with people from all over the world and that is a truly enriching experience. Moreover, seeing how students learn the language and start to communicate in Spanish is really exciting and motivating. 
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