What is a Spanish student visa?

A Spanish student visa allows you to study in Spain, participate in a student exchange, or complete an internship of more than three months. EU and Swiss citizens can enter and study in Spain without a visa. 

Visa for students

What is a Spanish student visa?

How to get a long-term Spanish visa and NIE?

How to immigrate to Spain on a student visa?

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Students from Non-EU countries and Switzerland can use a long-term student visa as a first step in the immigration process to Spain.

There are different types of Spanish student visas which are valid for different lengths of time. Students need to apply at a Spanish embassy or consulate and provide a range of paperwork. It is necessary to be accepted onto a course before applying.

Students from Non-EU/Swiss countries

Advantages of a student visa (visa D) 

  • The ability to move freely in the European Union, travel home and return to Spain without having to worry about a visa. Usually, a student residence is issued for one year, even if the training period is shorter by a few months. 
  • Type D visa holders have the right to obtain a Foreigner Identification Number (NIE), without which it is impossible to conduct any serious financial transaction in Spain.
Spanish Student Visa

How do you know if you need a visa for Spain and how do you get a student visa?

  • Please note that only full-time courses (20 hours per week or more) are eligible for student visas. This can be an intensive Spanish course, a course to prepare you to study at a Spanish university, or full-time study at a university in Spain. 
  • If you plan to study for 3-6 months, you you will need a student visa, but you will not receive a NIE and will not be able to extend your student visa from Spain for the next year.
  • For the visa for long-term students (visa D), you must be enrolled on an intensive course of at least 27 weeks. 
  • Residents of EU countries as well as Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland do not need a student visa.
  • If you are from another country, you can enter without a visa for 90 days or get a tourist visa (depending on your country of origin).

Select your nationality and the duration of your stay in Spain and find out about the conditions of your stay in Spain.