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Dale Friel

03/06/2024 13:22

I attended the evening course for 2x12 weeks and it was really cool! All the teachers I had were extremely nice and enrolment was really straightforward! The staff were really helpful with all my questions and I got to know lots of nice international people who I'm still friends with now.

I can recommend it to everyone!

Favorite places in Barcelona:

The beach to play volleyball!

Emer McCarthy

24/05/2024 05:19

I had the most amazing experience at Camino Barcelona, from learning the language to making friends. I thought the classes were well prepared and I learned a lot from when I was there.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

My favorite places were the Sagrada Familia, La Barceloneta and, Mountjuïc Brunch and cake.My favorite places were the Sagrada Familia, La Barceloneta and, Mountjuïc Brunch and cake.

Daan Adema

10/02/2023 10:15

I searched on Google for language schools and the first thing I saw was the Camino Barcelona website. I searched for more information on the website, Instagram and YouTube. I was attracted by the fun life of the school and the approach to learning Spanish. After researching, I booked a room right away.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

For the people who would like to study here or want to visit Barcelona, I really recommend the beach (barceloneta) and the parks for example park Guëll.


26/05/2022 09:44

I am VERY lucky to have found Camino Barcelona because it's, without  doubt, the best place to learn Spanish with an incredible, enthusiastic team of teachers, and wonderful teaching methods where you could improve your language skills in the most fun ways.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

It's very difficult to choose one favorite place in the city because there's a great amount of beauty and love everywhere you go. However, the old narrow streets of el Barrio Gótico fascinate me and remind me of the ancient narrow streets we have in Syria where there are always beautiful street musicians, it´s very therapeutic for me and it delights my soul.

valentine vossen

15/01/2024 09:41

I loved my time at Camino. I came to improve my Spanish and in three months I could already see a big difference. My teacher Ruben was super super good and I really feel I've made big progress in a short time.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

Lyle student

United Kingdom
17/05/2023 07:31

My experience has been amazing!! I didn’t really know what to expect coming on my own, I knew I would enjoy it as I would be in Spain but I didn’t just enjoy it, I had the time of my life!! The students, teachers, weather, city, culture, language and so much more just made my whole experience incredible!

Favorite places in Barcelona:

♥️My favourite place in Barcelona is Las Ramblas. This is because when I think of Barcelona, I think of Las Ramblas.”


South Africa
24/05/2024 05:03

I wanted to wait a while before leaving this review. I have been at the school for over 3 months and I have no hesitation in saying that this is a special place. It is more than a school. The teachers all have great personalities. They are more than teachers, they are lovely people. Characters of life! Being here feels like being part of a big crazy family where on the surface they support you to learn Spanish but in reality it is much more than that. Camino has become a special part of my life here in Barcelona. I am so grateful that a friend of mine recommended Camino to me. I recommend it 1000% to anyone who wants to commit to the journey of learning Spanish. Fun and open-minded people find their way here at Camino Barcelona! If you are one of them, join us! I'm so thankful I did!

Favorite places in Barcelona:

At sunrise in La Barceloneta :)

Lucy Fitz

10/02/2023 10:11

I attended Camino Language School when I first arrived In Barcelona in 2021. I came with little or no knowledge of the city or Spanish so Camino was the perfect place to be for me! The staff were extremely friendly and the teachers were encouraging, engaging and overall supportive. I really enjoyed doing the after school activities which are held 7 days a week. My favourite was the wine tasting on the schools rooftop and city tours!

Favorite places in Barcelona:

Camino Barcelona School Terrace!

Naddya Wagner

29/04/2022 07:09

Learning Spanish at Camino Barcelona was one of my coolest travel and educational experiences. The teachers, the staff, and the students provide a great community and an unforgettable learning process.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

Parc de la Ciutadella, Montjuïc, Tibidabo, and the cozy restaurants in Eixample near the school.


29/04/2022 09:04

Since November 2020, I've been studying at the Camino Barcelona Spanish school. My progress went incredibly fast, at first I was a bit shy, but after getting to know the team at the Camino and making friends with other students from all over the world, I came out of my shell and became part of the Camino family.

Favorite places in Barcelona:

Her favourite place here in Barcelona is Tibidabo as it has the best views of the whole city!