Spanish course for mature students

Club 50+ Spanish Course for Mature Students

You can learn a language at any age! Our Spanish courses are ideal for mature students and senior citizens who wish to learn the Spanish language, whether they are complete beginners or already have some knowledge of Spanish. We offer a range of cultural activities and excursions which provides a great way to explore Barcelona and practice your Spanish.

The course is held in the mornings and consists of 20 Spanish lessons per week (4 lessons per day). We normally place Club 50+ students in a group together. However, if your Spanish level is very different from other Club 50+ students, we may place you in a group with other adult students.

Intensive Spanish Course:

However, most of our mature students aged over 50 years choose our Intensive Spanish courses, instead of our Club 50+ Spanish Courses. We have therefore decided from 2021 onwards to no longer offer a separate Club 50+ course.

The intensive course is the most popular Spanish course we offer, as it is intensive enough to help you make rapid progress with your Spanish, whilst at the same time allowing you plenty of free time to explore Barcelona.

Our Intensive Spanish courses are designed for adult learners of all ages. As over 35% of the students on our Intensive Courses are aged 30 years or over, and 15 % are aged 50 years or over, these courses are perfectly suitable for students in their 50´s, 60´s, 70´s and more mature. If you are a mature student of 50 years or over, our Intensive, Intensive Plus Conversation and Super Intensive Courses are ideal for you.

Please enrol on one of these courses, as they are designed for adult students of all ages, including students aged 50 years and over. You will find many students of your age in our school, whatever start date you choose. You can start on any Monday of the year, for any number of weeks! The choice is yours.

Afternoon Club:

You can also join our afternoon club free of charge (5 hours per week, from 16:30 till 17:30 Monday to Friday), where you will be able to practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills always with a teacher available to assist you as necessary.

Our Activities:

To help our students discover all that there is to see and do in Barcelona, as well as enjoy themselves and practice the Spanish that they learn on their course, we organize an extensive cultural program, composed of 7 activities per week, one activity each day, including weekends. You will normally be accompanied by one of our teachers on these activities, so you get more opportunities to practice Spanish, and you will often see places that only the locals know! Many of these activities are free and others at only a small cost.

Follow this link to check availability of any of our courses. We very much hope you will choose to study at Camino Barcelona and we look forward to welcoming you to our school in 2024. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

Total prices for all durations and start dates:

If you are interested in a Spanish course of a different duration or would like to find out the total price of your course and accommodation, please use the calculator below. Please do not worry about the level of Spanish you choose in the tool. This question is just to give us an approximate idea of your Spanish level. Your exact level will anyway be assessed by our written and oral level test before placing you in a suitable group.

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